Final Piece!




Pixel closeups:


Stages of Adopting

I liked the image of the dog with the home on it’s head, so I doodled different portraits reflecting the stages of adopting a dog with Dogs Trust. After talking to tutors, I decided to expand on this, making it into a retro video game theme, with the floating icons that are symbols for each stage~

final thumbnailsicon designs 1icon designs 2icon designs 3

Shibe designs

After looking into the brief and the example advert of fashionable dogs, I looked into what was the most popular dog on the internet right now, which is shiba inu’s! They became super popular when the doge meme came around, and their squishy faces are super fun to draw. I like the lazy shibe idea, but I don’t think they best represent shelter dogs, as they are very sought  after from breeders~